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KELLAM® can reduce roof temperatures by a large amount. However, seeing is believing so we set up a live demonstration in our showroom.

How do the Temperatures Compare?
We've set up two heat lamps, and two digital temperature readouts on surface. However the temperature sensors are attached underneath the wood and roofing surfaces being compared. (notice wire)
(Roll Pointer Over Show Temp):
Common asphalt petroleum-based coating.

(Roll Pointer Over Show Temp):
KELLAM®  membrane.

Besides being an effective and durable coating to prevent leaks, KELLAM® can reduce roof temperatures by as much as 80 degrees F (26°c) aprox.

KELLAM® results in great cooling energy savings! Especially when it is also used to coat the cooling ducts mounted on the roof. An added savings is that equipment does not have to be removed from the roof-- so you don't have "down-time" or the great expense and risk of moving heavy and/or fragile heating/cooling devices and ducts.
This was a 20,000 square foot rusted metal gymnasium roof. The rusted metal roof was leaking and had no insulation.
Then KELLAM® system was applied over the entire roof providing a tight waterproofing membrane. The added coating continues to save operational costs through reduced energy bills.
"Comprometidos con el medio Ambiente, a través del desarrollo, comercialización e impulso de nuevos productos a base de agua".
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